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I founded Business Partner 4 Hire in 2016. My company’s goal is to provide consulting services for business owners in Canada and guide them towards a successful, more profitable future.

Business Partner 4 Hire

Where Did Paul Gain His Expertise?

Early in my career, I realized that the quickest road to growing and learning was by forming alliances. I formed the Mastermind Alliance group (from Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich) with four other like-minded, ambitious people.

The team consisted of a banker, a lawyer/politician, a real estate agent, an accountant, and me – the sales engineer. By then, it became clear to me that being fully immersed in someone’s business isn’t a requirement to help them be successful.

Our group held each other accountable while sharing their goals and sharing the new ideas we were learning from books and people we were meeting. There’s nothing quite like having someone you know and trust pushing you to succeed.

For 14 years, I continued to learn from other talented people through groups such as the Board of Trade, Toastmasters, Junior Achievement, our local ASHRAE chapter (an HVAC industry organization), and in particular, The Alternative Board.

The Importance of Friends in Running a Business “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

My Time in HVAC Systems and Solutions Ltd.

I’ve brought new products and ideas to the market in my previous company, HVAC Systems and Solutions Ltd. I also represented some of the largest and most well-known HVAC manufacturers in North America including YORK International, Carrier Corporation, and Johnson Controls Inc.

These companies would regularly release new products and ideas to the marketplace, and it was my job to get them to the hands of the local engineers and contractors that were building these new structures.

In a marketplace that sought out new and more efficient products, putting together what would work is what I excelled at. Some products were winners and some were not, but deciphering what drove customers to purchase them was a constant undertaking.

Business Partner 4 Hire
Business Partner 4 Hire

The Sewage SHARC

I was one of three co-founders of the Sewage SHARC, a company that now trades under the symbol on the CSE. It developed a product that takes raw heat from raw sewage, which otherwise would go down the drain, and shift it back to the building it came from or the one next door.

The concept is not new. SHARC’s innovation is how they keep the heat exchangers from clogging.

It has been installed in all size buildings, from small breweries to office buildings to district energy plants.

My Education

My formal education culminated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal.

Shortly after starting my career at The Trane Company, I realized the advancement of my career would rely on my own initiative to further my skills. Despite not growing up as a reader, I was pushed to read some of the classic personal development books. I quickly realized what a massive wealth of information is available. I was hooked.

There is always a way to learn what your need to learn to succeed, and it never stops. 

“If you wait for your boss to educate you, you will never get ahead. Your career is up to you, and no one else.” – Paul Aucoin.

Business Partner 4 Hire

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