How I Work

On average, my clients find that 1 – 3 hours per month together provides the right amount of strategic input for their businesses. We review their organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, sales and operational efficiencies. Depending on the urgency of an issue, we may focus our meeting entirely on it. The meeting’s agenda is ultimately up to the business owner.  

Do You Need a Business Partner?

Having a partner in business can be good or bad. We all want to be in charge. A new partner complicates decision making. BUT, if you had a partner that works for you, keeps your conversations private, and has experience and skills you don’t ... that might work. Just a few hours of advice per month would be plenty.

I can’t talk to my friends or my employees about my business. The issues and risks are just too complicated.

A Good Business Consultant Can Be an Asset for You

We can’t all be good at everything. There are so many skills required to run a successful small business. Sales, finance, technical skills, computer knowledge (IT), managing, human resources, and legal, to name a few.

You can always hire extra hands for these departments, but keeping costs down is essential, especially for small businesses.

Questions many owners ask include:

How do I keep it all straight? Who do I hire? How do I manage a business? Where do I spend my valuable time on? Do I really need to learn how to read a balance sheet? Do I need to know how to collect money? People will just pay my invoices, won’t they?

I’ve been there. From being employee #1 in the basement of my townhouse to leading a company of 23 people, I’ve asked those questions myself.

Would Everyone Benefit from a Business Partner and Advisor?

The answer is no. If you believe that you can run your business all on your own or if you want someone to tell you that all your ideas are great, then you aren’t a good fit for a business advisor.

"Nearly two-thirds of CEO’s do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it.” – STANFORD SURVEY ON EXECUTIVE COACHING

You’ll be surprised how many different businesses share the most common problems internally like people, financials, customers, technical difficulties, training for staff, personnel issues, office conflicts, and politics, to name a few.

I would love to meet with someone who advises other successful businesses and understands confidentiality.


Let’s Work Together

Reach out to me today and let’s talk about the things we can do to make your business succeed!