Ready to get started, but not sure what to expect? Here are the choices and availability, with the descriptions below:


Here’s how the process works.

Business Partner 4 Hire

Starts with a 30-minute complimentary discussion.

a. Use the calendar above or email me at [email protected]. I will return your correspondence within 24 hours.

b. During our 30-minute appointment we can discuss your business or career, and briefly touch on issues Paul may be able to help you with.

c. Any questions you have for Paul are welcome here.

d. If it looks like a fit, we’ll schedule a 90-minute session.

Business Partner 4 Hire

90 minute session

  1. Use the above calendar above or email me at [email protected]. I will return your correspondence within 24 hours.
  2. During the 90-minute session:
    • We get into solving problems, or discussion burning issues immediately, all kept fully confidential.
    • We discuss company structure, and where the company is doing things well, and where you’d like to improve. We talk Sales, Operations and Finance, and Personnel issues.
    • The meeting structure and agenda will depend on the size and issues of the company. We will always deal with personnel issues, and high-level company strategy.
    • As the sessions continue, and burning issues reduce, we settle into a regular structure so that no aspect of the business is forgotten.
    • We accomplish this between 90 – 120 minutes per month.
    • You can stop at any time.
    • If you feel you have not received value in any meeting, you do not pay.

Seminars and Courses

a. Seminars: Paul provides several seminars including one dedicated to the One Business Psychology Skill, and one dedicated to DISC. (For a description, select the drop-down button under “Service” above.)

b. Online Course: A course based on the One Business Psychology Skill that Works Every Time. Coming October, 2023.