The Elevator Pitch – You Should Be Ready. Are You Ready?

Ah, “The Elevator Pitch”. We have all heard of it. We all would agree how important it is … all nodding approval of the idea. And then, when asked to deliver it – it comes out like we’ve almost never delivered the same one before. Add to that, meeting someone that you’ve always wanted to meet, and we completely freeze. We stammer, we repeat and correct ourselves, and you’re pretty sure the other person got out of the elevator 3 floors ago… Anyway … it’s over… I’ll do better next time. Dave Clark of TTI Success Insights does an excellent job of comparing the elevator pitch to a billboard advertisement while you’re driving by. Make people notice your billboard. And now it’s the 10 second pitch, not 30 seconds! Be ready! Dave Clark – Ten Seconds for an Elevator Pitch